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What is the Admin Bar in WordPress?

WordPress has an admin bar and a black horizontal bar at the top of the screen. This bar provides easy access to frequent WordPress administration tasks, such as creating new posts or editing your profile. It is only visible to users who have logged in and can be seen on both the backend and frontend of a WordPress website. The admin bar was added in version 3.1 and is also called the WordPress toolbar or admin toolbar by some people.

How to Use WordPress’s Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar is a black and grey toolbar that appears at the top of your screen when you’re logged into a WordPress site. On the left side, you’ll see the WordPress logo on the dashboard. A drop-down menu with quick links to helpful information like documentation and support forums will appear if you mouse over it.

On the right side of the WordPress logo, you will see the name of your site. If you hover over this, a submenu will pop up, which takes you to the front end of your website; in other words, how visitors see and navigate your site. The section below gives a general summary of comments.

The last subsection on the Admin Bar’s left side is the + New link. If you hover over this, a submenu appears with options to rapidly create a new post, page, media item, or user. These can also be done from other places in the dashboard navigation menu, but these quick access links are useful when you need to get something done urgently.” Finally, on the screen’s far-right by “Howdy (your name),” there is a drop-down menu containing choices to alter your profile information or log out entirely.

The WordPress Admin Bar Front End View

When you log into your WordPress site, the Admin Bar is automatically visible on both your site’s front and back end. If you want to see what the front end of your website looks like, hover over the name of our site and click visit site. The WordPress Admin Bar appears differently from this perspective. If we hover over the header for our website’s different sections, quick links to the dashboard (home), themes, customize, widgets, menus, background, and header will show up. Although every one of these sections can be found in the left-hand navigation menu on WordPress’ dashboard as well, this is a more accessible option.

This view also lets us search for exact items. To search for something, click on the magnifying glass icon.

Turning Off the WordPress Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar is a handy tool that most people find useful. However, some people may want to hide it from the front end of their site. Remember, though, that the WordPress Admin Bar will only be visible when logged into your website.

To deactivate this view, select the Edit my Profile link. You’ll then be able to see a checkbox that allows you to Show the Toolbar when viewing the site. Uncheck that box and update your profile at the bottom of the page, and voila! If you want to turn the Admin Bar back on in the future, simply go back into your profile settings and check that box again.

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