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When it’s best to talk now

Immediately connect with your target audience through live chat and instant video meetings. Add routing steps and screening questions so engagements are always offered to the right visitors,
at times that suit you best.

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Shorten time to engagement

Real-time communication builds stronger relationships, creates a more efficient operation, and offers an overall better experience.

Meet now and accelerate the customer journey

Guide ideal visitors from your chatbots and forms to a live chat or instant meeting.

Switch from chat to a video call for a more personal experience, to screen share, present slides and demos.  

Use chat to manually qualify leads, then send a meeting invite from the chat window to confirm a follow-up engagement.

Connecting the right visitors at the right time

Set your working hours for live engagements or switch availability on and off as needed. Avoid interruptions by connecting your calendar to detect busy times.

Workflow settings ensure live engagements are only offered when you're free.

Offer scheduled meetings as a fallback when no one is available for live chat or instant meetings. 


Manage and improve your team's interactions

Group staff members into teams to route live engagements to the relevant people.

Preview a visitor’s details, activities and transcripts before a chat or instant meeting.

Get notifications for new engagements through your browser, Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace.

Review teamwide communication with access to all previous conversations.

Meeting journey builder

Handling who gets your time now and later

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Scheduled meetings

When it's best to talk later

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Spot trends, manage a team
and continuously improve the
customer experience

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Video conferencing,
calendars, CRMs
and more...

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Design & Publish

Design every aspect of
the engagement experience
to suit your audience

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